Early cabbage cultivars (“Marcello”, “Bandolero”) were likely purchased between 04 and 05 September 2019, whereas later cabbage cultivars (“Storema”, “Lennox”, “Impala”, “Futurima”, “Klimaro”, “Rodynda”, “Dowinda”) could be purchased between 09 September 2019 and 06 November 2019. This is the giant cabbage of all cabbages, an open pollinated strain that the Giant vegetable growers use with the capabilities to grow to over 100 lbs in weight and currently holds the British Record at 124lbs. A real heavyweight given the space to grow at around 2 metre square. Sow during December to January in a propagator and grow on in a frost free greenhouse. 30 seed per Packet. Learn how to grow cabbage with this handy step by step video tutorial from Quickcrop and expert vegetable grower Klaus LaitenbergerFor more information on ho Chinese cabbage Bilko F1 Emiko F1 Kaboko F1 Manoko F1 Mirako F1 Nikko F1 Sumiko F1 Taranko F1 . Positieve Klimaro F1 Kosaro F1 Klimaro (S) 100 a.

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Rode kool voor de lange bewaring, versmarkt en industrie. Goede houdbaarheid op het veld. Mooie interne kleur en vaste structuur. Sterk tegen bewaarproblemen zoals roodrot.

The Cole group includes various crops like knol khol, Brussels sprouts, radish, cabbage & cauliflower. Cabbage is a leafy vegetable with full of vitamins. It is rich source of minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2 & C. Cabbage likes cool and moist climate.

Our trials staff highly recommends this high-yielding variety. Maturity 110 days after transplanting. Approx.

Prism Winter Squash. Courge Delicata. Courge Potimarron Red Kuri.
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… Very productive red storage cabbage with good disease resistance. Very clean heads!
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Meest bezocht. Bejo wereldwijd; Asperges; Coolwrap - cabbage rolls Achats de semences pour la saison 2020. 2020-01-12.

Prism Winter Squash. Courge Delicata. Courge Potimarron Red Kuri. Courgette Dark Green.

Queen Lime Orange Zinnia. Queen Lime Red Zinnia GZ_010460_Red_Cabbage_Klimaro_-Bejo_2766-.jpg. Klimaro . Meest bezocht. Bejo wereldwijd; Asperges; Coolwrap - cabbage rolls Calibrachoa Neo Orange & Red Eye. Calibrachoa Double Compact White.