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Quick Reference from A Maths Dictionary for Kids - over 600 common math terms explained in simple language. index laws or laws of exponents. • the rules  Power Law for Indices; Combining Index Laws. 8 lessons in Substitution and Rearranging Formulae & Rules of Indices: Multiplication law for indices  Learning intention: Students will learn why an index law works. Success criteria: Students can explain why an index law is true.

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4, e) 1 9, f) 8 125. 2. a) a4, b) (yz)3, c) a b 3. 2. The laws of indices To manipulate expressions involving indices we use rules known as the laws of indices.

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This is the fifth index law and is known as the Index Law for Powers of Products.. Example 12. Simplify each of the following: Solution: Example 13.

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Index Law for Powers. We know that: In general: This formula tells us that when a powerof a number is raised to another power, multiply the indices.
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Alex Bryan discusses some possible consequences. Christine Benz: Hi, I'm Christine Benz, director of personal finance for Morningstar. As assets flow into passively managed products, concerns The trouble with most noncompete agreements is that they haven't a prayer of holding up in court. They're usually too vague and too restrictive, aiming to provide far more protection than most companies actually need -- and far more than m The case for indexing foreign stocks is still valid. The case for indexing foreign stocks is still valid.

These laws only apply to expressions with the same base, for example, 3 4 and 3 2 can be manipulated using the Law of Indices, but we cannot use the Law of Indices to manipulate the expressions 4 5 and 9 7 as their base differs (their bases are 4 and 9, respectively).